Steps to check Google Doodle on your Birthday or any date:

  • Go to Google Home Page.
  • Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”. It will take you to Google Doodle Archive.
  • Scroll down until you encounter the section labeled “Find your Doodle.”
  • Beneath that, you will come across the prompt, “When is your birthday?”
  • Fill in your birthdate or any date to see all the Google Doodle on that day from the previous year.
check google doodle
Google Doodle at your birthday

About Doodle History:

a) The very first Doodle was published in 1998 as a quick way for Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to let people know they would be out of the office for Burning Man.
b) The first Doodle series told a story of aliens encountering the Google logo and hauling it off to Mars.
c) In 2000, Google launched the first international Doodle to celebrate Bastille Day in France.
d) The first interactive game Doodle was launched in 2010.
e) By 2011, Doodles transformed into full-length videos, with the first live-action Doodle celebrating Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday, featuring the entire team.
f) 2012: Life’s a garden and so are Doodles (we dig both), a Multimedia Doodle.
g) 2018: The first VR/360 Doodle
h) 2019: The first AI-powered Doodle, AI-powered Doodle celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach.
i) 2021: The largest multiplayer Doodle ever, Google Doodle Champion Island.
For a details brief about the history of Google Doodle, visit Google Doodle History